- Infrastructure and construction
Jammu & Kashmir Up-gradation Of Burial Ground Ward No 7.
Maintenance Of Burial Ground Ward No 1.
Construction Of Play Field Mch.
Maintenance Of Community Toilet.
Up Gradation Of Graveyard.
Cleaning And Preservation Of Drain Nr Graveyard Ward

Estimated Cost :100000 INR
05 Jul 2022
Odisha Rooftop Solar Panel For Awc & Sub-centers.
Installation Of Roof Power Plant In 6 Sub-centers & 30 Numbers Of Awc With Annual Maintenance Of 5 Years Along With Technical Training Of Candidate To Look After The Solar Panel & Construction Of Ms Framed

12 Jul 2022
Andhra Pradesh Proposal Of 159 Works Of Ttd Engineering Department.
15 Jul 2022
Karnataka Providing Solar Lights At Different Slums And Construction Of Storm Water Drain.
Estimated Cost :6589495 INR
02 Jul 2022
Bihar Construction Of Temporary Toilet & Bathing Platform, With Bamboo & Plastic Tarpaulin Superstructure Covering All Complete.
Construction Of Deep Tube Well For Ci Shallow Hand Pump All Complete. #hindi

Estimated Cost :986700 INR
04 Jul 2022
Andhra Pradesh Ar&mo At Bsc Pennada For The Year 2022-23. Sh: Monsoon Repair Works, Hite Washinwg Of Godown 1 To 5, Improvements To Water Supply System.
Estimated Cost :1413214 INR
05 Jul 2022
Maharashtra Redevelopment Of Pantnagar Priyadarshini Cooperative Housing Society Limited.
15 Jul 2022
Rajasthan Civil Work. #hindi
15 Jul 2022
Uttar Pradesh Construction Work Of Public & Pink Toilet. #hindi
Estimated Cost :541000 INR
03 Jul 2022
Uttar Pradesh Construction Work Of Foundation And Related Work Of Line Location No. 16 D.c. Tower.
Maintenance Work Of Lines.
Replacement Work Of 132 Kv P.t. And Related Work.
Replacement Work Of Auxiliary And Its Related Work Etc On Relay And 220 Kv

19 Jul 2022