Maharashtra Custom bid for services - fire water tank partition wall overflow cut outsleeve modification works at l2a l7 metro stations
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09 Feb 2023
Goa Hiring of agency to undertake the study of the startup and it ecosystem
10 Feb 2023
Maharashtra Expression of interest for operationalization of nw 10 and nw 28 nw 85 in the state of maharashtra on design, build, finance, operate and transfer basis.
18 Feb 2023
Maharashtra Internal infrastructure and land development at national maritime heritage complex site in lothal
Estimated Cost :1264058161
06 Feb 2023
Gujarat Provision of office accommodation for age b/r sub division at mil stn
Estimated Cost :3900000 INR
09 Feb 2023
Gujarat Certain repair/ replacement of lt panel board / lt feeder pillar box, mccb, lightning protection and earthing in md accn and unit area under aor of ge (a)
Estimated Cost :4750000 INR
06 Feb 2023
Maharashtra Supply and installation batteries for wireless repeater station, base station, and invertor for fire brigade department, thane, municipal corporation, .
10 Feb 2023
Maharashtra Augmentation of generic cluster of spci
Estimated Cost :80000000 INR
13 Feb 2023
Maharashtra Fabrication and supply of hydraulic platform 70 meter height for fire fighting and rescue operation with five years comprehensive service maintenance contract
Estimated Cost :219300000 INR
08 Feb 2023
Maharashtra Supply, installation and maintenance of 1900 cash recyclers machines under capex model nda/
Estimated Cost :2090000000 INR
10 Feb 2023