Romania Services For Drawing Up Intervention Plans
Estimated Cost :416033 ROL
26 Oct 2020
Romania Freon Charging 12000 Btu-24000 Btu - Fine Base Ref 58460
Estimated Cost :3025 ROL
25 Sep 2020
Romania Supply Of It Platforms - 4 Lots (lot 1: Research And Development Platform; Lot 2: Processing Platform; Lot 3: Security Platform; Lot 4: Communications Platform) For The Project Electronic Service For
Estimated Cost :562004 ROL
30 Sep 2020
Romania Execution Of Works Intervention Works At Flag M Of Barracks 3497 Brasov
Estimated Cost :5083371 ROL
01 Oct 2020
Romania Execution Of Works For The Investment Objectives: Lot 1 - «domestic Sewerage And Treatment Plant In Plopis Locality, Plopis Commune, Salaj County» And Lot 2 - «drinking Water Supply Of Plopis Locality
Estimated Cost :11871658 ROL
09 Oct 2020
Romania Pumps And Pump Parts
Estimated Cost :310437 ROL
02 Oct 2020
Romania Providing It Solution For Archive Administration
Estimated Cost :230000 ROL
06 Oct 2020
Romania Road Markings - Road Signs, Traffic Lane Separators, Accessibility Of Pedestrian Crossings (supply And Installation) Within The Project Modernization Of Tudor Vladimirescu Street (boulevard)
Estimated Cost :348335 ROL
05 Oct 2020
Romania Technical Design Services energy Efficiency Of The Block Of Flats In Garii Street, No. 8, Block 4, Tulcea Municipality
Estimated Cost :1175033 ROL
19 Oct 2020
Romania Endowment Of The Public Communal Management Service Within The Double Town Hall With Dump Truck
Estimated Cost :303128 ROL
06 Oct 2020