Peru Consulting Virtual Course On Trafficking In Persons And Smuggling Of Migrants.
23 Sep 2021
Peru Execution Of Work: Installation Of Drinking Water And Sewerage Systems For The Villages Of The Right And Left Margin Of The First Sector Of Cieneguilla - District Of Cieneguilla
04 Oct 2021
Peru Subscription Of Software Software Enterprise Service Bus Business And Related Services (fuse) For Vuce
19 Oct 2021
Peru Subscription Of Software Licenses For Applications And Related Services Servers (jboss) For The Vuce
19 Oct 2021
Peru Technical Assistance For The Development Of Guiding Methodological Guides For The Signing Of Boundaries, Verification Of Boundaries And Monumentation Of Demarcation Infrastructures In Protected Natural Areas. Methodological Guide Development
30 Sep 2021
Peru Implementation Firm For Institutional Capacity Building Of Subnational Governments In Peru.
30 Sep 2021
Peru Res-proc-048-2021 Activities In Electric Service For The Removal Service Of Comets And Flags Of Media Voltage Lines And Distribution Substations At 10 And 22.9 Kv - Res-proc-048-2021-3 Activities Hot And Without Electric Service Cut For Comet Removal Serv
28 Sep 2021
Peru Execution Of Ioarr - 2519099- Repair Of Irrigation Channel; On The Canal De Riego Lahuarpia, In The Town Of Lahuarpia, Jellacion San Martin. - Repair Of Irrigation Channel; In The (la) Canal Of Irrigation Lahuaria In The Town Lahhoarpia, Jepelaco District
Estimated Cost :230904 PEN
23 Sep 2021
Peru Acquisition Of Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Furniture, Classroom Equipment And Classroom Furniture; At (the) Professional School Of Nursing Of The Faculty Health Sciences Of The National University Of San Martín, District Of - Acquisition Of Laborator
15 Oct 2021
Peru Execution Of The Work Improvement Of The Residual Water System By Physical And Chemical Processes Of The Municipal Slaughterhouse, Lamas District - Province Of Lamas - Department Of San Martín, With Unique Investment Code Cui 2521066 - Contracting Of The
Estimated Cost :158459 PEN
23 Sep 2021