Japan Network Renewal Work (2020)
17 Feb 2021
Japan Nagasaki Prefecture1) Tablet Type Personal Computers For Teachers 2,217 Units 2) Tablet Type Personal Computers (nagasaki, Saikai, Shimogoto Area) For Students 7,179 Units 3) Tablet Type Personal Computers (kenou, Shimabara Area) For Students 7,975 Units
07 Jan 2021
Japan A Milk Storage For Junior High School Lunches (tsurumi Junior High School, Etc.) 25 Units Purchased Milk Storage For Junior High School Lunches (yokohama City Aobadai Junior High School, Etc.) 21 Units Purchased U Milk Storage For Junior High School Lunch
12 Jan 2021
Japan Nagasaki Prefectureelectricity To Use In Nagasaki Prefectural Police Facilities Contract: 1,765 Kw, Estimated Volume Of Electricity: 3,996,600 Kwh. Electricity To Use In Nagasaki ...
19 Jan 2021
Japan Laparoscopic And Thoracoscopic System Type 1
09 Dec 2020
Japan A Set Of Human Body Behavior Analysis Equipment
04 Dec 2020
Japan Reiwa 2011 Lake Biwa Basin Sewerage Northeast Purification Center Dust Collection And Transportation Work And Disposal Business Set
15 Feb 2021
Japan Writing Type Shooting Medium (sd Memory Card) (3rd) 104,000 Sheets
13 Jan 2021
Japan Planned Electricity Quantity Of 3,834,365 Kilowatt Hours Per Year For Use At 12 Facilities Such As Prefectural University Of Manufacturing
12 Jan 2021
Japan Total 14, 576, And 000 Kilowatt Hours Of Planned Electricity Used In The Electricity Procurement Period Used By Joto High School And 50 Other Facilities
04 Jan 2021