- Telecommunications
Jammu & Kashmir Construction Of Permanent Campus Under Phase-1 For Iim Jammu At Jagti.
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning Of Active Led Video Wall In Auditorium Of Iim Jammu At Jagti.

Estimated Cost :18599680 INR
17 Oct 2023
Maharashtra Proposal For Media/broadcasting Agencies To Produce (including All Pre-production & Post-production Work) Video Recording For Mi Mukhyamantri Boltoy.
06 Oct 2023
Rajasthan Auction Sale Of Depot Ferrous Scrap (null) - M S Scrap Of Unserviceable Battery Boxes And Its Parts Of Sort And Size Sound And Broken. [ Near New Bins]
03 Oct 2023
Rajasthan Auction Sale Of Depot Ferrous Scrap (null) - Scrap Composite Brake Blocks And Brake Pad Of Sort And Size, Sound And Broken. [bin-21]
03 Oct 2023
Haryana Chhatrian Block: Baragudha Panchayat: Chhatriyan Dist.: Annual Mtc. Work For Water Supply 1 Electrical Items/ Copper Wire P/f Copper Wire 7x16 Complete In All Respect /7x16 / At Water Works Chhatarian
2 Electrical Items/ Aluminium Wire Prov. & Fixin

Estimated Cost :11435 INR
29 Sep 2023
Uttar Pradesh Auction Sale Of Depot Miscellaneous Scrap (null) - Scrap Electric Fittings Goods Consisting Of Fl Tube Fitting, Hpsv Fitting, Cfl Fitting, Led Fittings, Icdp & Ictp Switches, Toggle Switches, Rotatry Switches, Starter, Condensor, Capacitor , Regulator, Sm
03 Oct 2023
Uttar Pradesh Auction Sale Of Depot Ferrous Scrap (null) - Scrap Ferrous Sig.w.i.& C.i.consisting Of Compensator, Pedestal, Trestle, C.i.foundation, Crank & Lever, Top & Bottom Roller & Gears, Slide Roller Guide, Rod Runs, Pull Rod Of Sorts, Radians, Tunion Bracket, Si
03 Oct 2023
Odisha Supply Of Remote Controlled Mirror Less Launch Pad Camera System (q3)
Qty : 1

17 Oct 2023
India Supply Of Server Rack, Switch, L3 Switch, L2 Switch, Network Cable, Patch Chords, Power Cable, Mcb, Pvc Conduit, Network Rack - Server Rack Etc
Qty : 229

17 Oct 2023
Gujarat Supply Of Multimedia Projector (mmp) (q2)
Qty : 1

Estimated Cost :45000 INR
11 Oct 2023