- Sports
Assam Supply Of Volleyball Nivia, Volleyball Cosco, Basketball Nivia, Basketball Cosco, Volleyball Net - Boq Amenity
Qty : 5

06 Oct 2023
Rajasthan Supply Of Sports Items, Ring, Flying Disk, Handball Small, Skipping Rope, Football - Size 4, Badminton Racquet 540 Mm, Marking Cone, Chess Board, Carrom Board, Ludo, Football 5 No, Handball 5 No, Handball 3 No, Volley Ball, Badminton Racquet, Shuttle Cock
06 Oct 2023
Chhattisgarh Supply Of R.c.c Chair, Plastic Chair, Dustbin, Gym Equipment. #hindi Image
Estimated Cost :530000 INR
11 Oct 2023
Gujarat Supply Of Foosball Table - Soccer Table (q3)
Qty : 3

17 Oct 2023
Haryana Construction Of Running Track And Open Gym In Village Baroda Mor Block Mundlana Distt
Estimated Cost :1257099 INR
04 Oct 2023
Rajasthan Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of High Mast Lights And Sight Screen Work In Cricket Stadium Of Rajasthan Police Academy.
Estimated Cost :18827000 INR
07 Oct 2023
Chhattisgarh Supply Of Sports Material From Councilor's Fund In Kachnar Colony Garden Under Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ward No. 52.
Estimated Cost :70800 INR
29 Sep 2023
Jammu & Kashmir Construction Of Play Ground Of Ching Mela Ground Bhatwal
Estimated Cost :200000 INR
05 Oct 2023
Punjab Supply Of Hockey Stick, Basketball, Stocking, Universal Amateur Contest Gloves, Hockey Ball - Hockey Stick.
Qty : 34

06 Oct 2023
Tamilnadu Supply Of Sports Inventory, Aerosensa, Mavis, Boric Powder, Boards, Chess Clock, Cricket Ball, Keeping Gloves, Batting Pads, Helmet, Thigh Pads, Batting Gloves, Bat, Hockey Sticks, Cue Tip, Throwball, Volley Ball, Air Pumps, First Aid Kit, Ice Packs.
10 Oct 2023