- Industry Plastic & Rubber
Uttar Pradesh Colouring, writing and fixing of of sign board on road.g-23
Estimated Cost :200000
20 Aug 2022
Chhattisgarh Procurement of main bearing std ,3239990, main bearing 10 u/s ,3239991, main bearing 20 u/s ,3239992, bearing con rod std ,214950, brg. con rod 10 u/s ,214951, brg. con rod 20 u/s ,214952, bushing,3028075, bushing,3028269, bushing,3011951, cylinder liner,3241328, ring liner seal,3054948, seal crevic
Estimated Cost :3558608 INR
17 Aug 2022
Jammu & Kashmir Renovation work by way of providing acp cladding for front wall of power house building at sewa-ii power station, mashka (cw-518)
23 Aug 2022
Chhattisgarh Installation of 1000mm belt conveyor along -5rise in proposed depillaring panel -5rise(lhcm panel) in seam a at kurja ug mine of hasdeo area.
Estimated Cost :2508611 INR
17 Aug 2022
Maharashtra Loading, unloading, transportation and installation of 2 no of 90kw, 1000 mm belt conveyor complete with electricals (one at 65lw/bd-hd in w8 section and another at 14l/bd of bagdona seam) at tawa mine pathakhera area wcl
Estimated Cost :498456 INR
17 Aug 2022
West Bengal Repair of certain road, road sign boards and road furniture at sukna mil stn under ge sukna
Estimated Cost :9600000 INR
20 Aug 2022
Delhi Repair / maint of fencing, boundary wall, drainage, hard standing, sewer line, manholes and cleaning of sewer appurtenances and sewage line in nom varuna and palam bagh under ge
20 Aug 2022
Maharashtra Repair to plumbing, sanitary fittings ci/pvc pipes sunken flooring certain building and connected works at vayusenabad under ge (af)
20 Aug 2022
Kerala Periodical services to mh and certain br works at pangode mil stn.
Estimated Cost :1506000 INR
20 Aug 2022
Tamilnadu Supply of plastic bag
compostable plastic bags to size 45 x 20 inches with a carrying capacityof 25 kg minimum and each carry bag shall bear a lablel compostable to specn is/iso17088-2012 ra-2017, amd.no.1 of dec.2016 colour-green and black in equal quantity.(quantity strictly to be supplied i

18 Aug 2022