- Industry Cement
Maharashtra Grouting of 17903 roof bolts with cement capsules for roof supporting in 57ln/md underground depillaring district of lower workable seam at tawa 2 mine pathakhera area wcl
Estimated Cost :2043685 INR
17 Aug 2022
Rajasthan Supply of construction material Gram panchayat gura civil works
Estimated Cost :1019000 INR
17 Aug 2022
Maharashtra Processing of ob to segregate sand and clay from overburden including storage of finished product sand, disposal of clay in the designated site at specified places of durgapur ocm of chandrapur area on hiring basis.
Estimated Cost :459898215 INR
17 Aug 2022
Jammu & Kashmir Repair to door, window,wall panelling, false ceiling , glass panes, cgi sheet, wooden floring, tiling, plastering and miscellaneous work and repair/maint to lt panel bord , feeder pillar box, junction box and connected work services at karu zon
Estimated Cost :4900000 INR
20 Aug 2022
Rajasthan Construction of phase ii of medical college and upgradation of hospital at pali, rajasthan (including internal electrical work) (excluding cost of cement)
Estimated Cost :1085315000 INR
16 Aug 2022
Telangana Supply of tmt 10 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 12 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 16 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 20 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 25 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 28 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 32 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , tmt 8 mm is 1786 fe500 or 500d , ms plate 8 mm is 20
22 Aug 2022
Haryana Repair to rcc chajja, aluminium fittings, wall tiles, plastering, flooring, joinery, pathway and repair to swts at af stn gurgaon under ge p af gurgaon
Estimated Cost :4800000
24 Aug 2022
Maharashtra Supply of building material cement grade, sand, murum, bricks, metal 80 mm hand broken, metal 40 mm kreshar, steel 18 mm, binding wire (centring tar), paving block, tiles ceramic, vetrified tiles, pvc pipe 110 mm, iron sheet, iron angle, iron door with frame and palla, asian paint, water proofing li
17 Aug 2022
Punjab Provision of iron shed, wash basin, brick work to open area, doors and windows of 55 x or md accommodation in well area under ge (west) pathankot
Estimated Cost :4445000 INR
23 Aug 2022
Delhi Repair and replacement of bnr nature works (i.e flooring, tiling, plumbing etc), repair to security walls, gate, fencing, drain, path and other miscellaneous works in sag, desidoc, dgre, issa etc under ge i rnd delhi
27 Aug 2022