Mauritania Strategic Environmental Assessment Of The Artisanal Gold Sector In Mauritania.
16 Jul 2018
Mauritania Conception And Implementation Of Awareness-raising Activities For The Artisanal Mining Sector.
16 Jul 2018
Mauritania Acquisition Of Five (5) 4x4 Off-road Vehicles (lot 1) And A Light Service Vehicle (lot 2).
16 Jul 2018
Mauritania Recruitment of a Consultant for the Preparation of a Plan for Mass Communication Campaign to promote improved latrines and washing hands
28 Jun 2018
Mauritania Project Leaders And - Young Entrepreneurs Wishing To Benefit From Support In The Development Of their Entrepreneurial Activities
30 Jun 2018
Mauritania Recruitment Of An Individual Consultant To Help With The Preparation And Tdrs Consolidation Of Planned Activities For Dgi And Dgm In The Framework Of The Grand Mining Tax Contract.
26 Jun 2018
Mauritania Recruitment Of An Agency For Execution Of The Check Quantitative And Qualifying Verification Of Purposes Purpose Of Financing Based On Performance In The framework Of The Inaya Project
11 Jul 2018
Mauritania Recruitment Of An Individual Consultant To Assist In The Preparation And Consolidation Of Tdrs Of Activities Planned For The Management Of Public Finances
26 Jun 2018
Mauritania Recruitment Of A Consultant For The Training Of Oil Inspectors To Ifia Modules.
22 Jun 2018
Mauritania Consulting Office / Individual Consultant Specialized In Services And Studies In Media Monitoring And Communication
02 Jul 2018