Ecuador Acquisition Of Internal And External Signage For The Health Center Type C Victoria City
26 Jul 2018
Ecuador Acquisition Of Printing, Photography, Reproduction And Publication Materials For The Coordination: Administrative, Tourism, Environmental Management, And Nationalities Of The Decentralized Autonomous Government Of The Province Of Orellana.
01 Aug 2018
Ecuador Acquisition Of An Ecosonograph For The Veterinary Clinic Of The Faculty Of Agricultural Sciences
26 Jul 2018
Ecuador Acquisition Of Electrocardiographs And Full Stop Cars Includes Defibrillator With Accessories For The Uci And Emergency Areas Of The Specialty Hospital Teodoro Maldonado Carbo
03 Aug 2018
Ecuador Hiring Of The Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Service Of The Equipment X-ray Mark Italray, X-ray Brand Drgem, Portable X-ray Brand Radiology And X-rays Telemarketing Brand Gmm Of The Image Service Of He-1
30 Jul 2018
Ecuador Acquisition Of Chlorhexidine Gluconate
30 Jul 2018
Ecuador Acquisition Of Laboratory Equipment For Analysis Of Drinking Water And Sanitary Sewer Of Canton Cascades
01 Aug 2018
Ecuador Hiring Of Technical Support Services 24/7, Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Of The Automatic System For The Control Of The Sacer Radioelectric Spectrum.
Estimated Cost :187000 ECS
31 Jul 2018
Ecuador Acquisition Of The Hydraulics Hydraulics Fire And Of The System Of Alarm And Detection Of The Terminal Bastion Popular Of The System Metrovía
Estimated Cost :298426 ECS
07 Aug 2018
Ecuador Technical Services For The Installation And Standardization Of Energy Registers In The Service Area Of Zone Ep Zone 1 (a Guayas Los Ríos And A Bolívar)
Estimated Cost :7055831 ECS
13 Aug 2018