Belarus Buying Shock Absorber Bushing
Estimated Cost :152233 BYR
03 Sep 2018
Belarus The Choice Of A Design Organization For The Implementation Of Design And Survey Work On The Development Of Design Estimates For The Object Four-apartment House In The Agro-town Of Krutilovichi Along The Street Of The Central Ojsc Granit-agro Of The Dyatlo
14 Sep 2018
Belarus Purchase Automatic Booklet Maker (booklet Maker) With The Module Of Front Trimming On The Bracket In The Amount Of 1 Pc. And Connecting Conveyor (connection Of A Booklet Maker With A Collating Complex) In The Amount Of 1 Pc.
Estimated Cost :18800 BYR
22 Aug 2018
Belarus Designing Of The Object: Technical Modernization Of Communications Of Cooling Supply In The Town Of Bykhov, 42 Nekrasov St.
04 Sep 2018
Belarus Design Works On The Project: Technical Modernization Of The Equipment Of The Starter Department Of The Cheese Production Workshop In Belynichi Babushkina Krynka Ojsc Is The Managing Company Of The Holding Mogilev Dairy Company Babushkina Krynka
04 Sep 2018
Belarus Special Suitcases Expert-biologist Complete With A Liner, Kits And Accessories To Support The Work Of Experts When Leaving For Wmd
28 Aug 2018
Belarus Purchase Of Operational Accounting And Reporting Forms Of Simple Accounting
Estimated Cost :13500 BYR
21 Aug 2018
Belarus Acquisition Of New Brushcutters Stihl Fs 450 Or Analog
27 Aug 2018
Belarus Chair Of The Assembly Hall
17 Aug 2018
Belarus Selection Of The Contractor Organization For The Current Repair Of Auditoriums No. 1303, 1308, 1314, 1316, 1318, 1320; Corridor Of The Third Floor Of The Educational Building ? 3; Corridor Of The Thir
21 Aug 2018