HSL Seeks Foreign Partner for $1.3 Bln naval Fleet Support Project

The fleet support ships, capable of carrying ballistic weapons can deliver fluids like low speed and high-speed diesel, aviation fuel, H2O, and feed water ships, are going to be crucial to the Indian Navy in boosting warfare capabilities within the southern ocean Region as well as the mediterranean sea.

India’s state-owned Hindustan shipyard restricted (HSL) has issued a contemporary world tender seeking collaboration in building 5 fleet support ships for the Indian Navy. in keeping with the document, HSL is seeking as collaborator a purported workplace that may give design, KME, and technical help for implementation of this project. The vessels would be employed by the Navy to support the operations of carrier teams planned for the long run.

The collaborator must give a design from a supply World Health Organization has designed a ship with similar capabilities that is in commission with any Navy. Collaborator ought to have made and delivered a armed service vessel of comparable capabilities/capital warships on or once 01 January 2005 that ought to are completed at intervals four years of build amount, the document issued by HSL reads.

An earlier tender was scrapped once an expected collaboration agreement between HSL and South Korea’s Hyundai heavy Industries (HHI) fell through on the disagreement over work share and native content sharing. whereas the recent tender envisaged the rolling out of the primary ship made at the Hyundai facility in south korea by October 2022 and therefore the rest were to be later unrolled from the HSL facility in India, the new tender provides for all the ships to be designed at an Indian facility.

The Indian Navy had issued letter of invitation for info in 2011 for afoot renewal capability from these ships aimed to boost its warfare capabilities within the Southern ocean Region. The two hundred meter long ships having the displacement capability of around 40000-ton can play a important role of fuelling at sea through the delivery of fluids. These 5 ships are veterinary medicine going to be capable of handling multirole helicopter at sea and conjointly perform tasks generally carried out by combat store ships and ammunition ships. It should be crewed by one hundred ninety sailors, as well as twenty four officers.

These ships are going to be equipped with India’s own developed advanced torpedo defence system, two 30 metric linear unit guns and 2 twelve.7 metric linear unit guns additionally to four chaff launchers besides one expendable conduction depth temperature profile launcher.

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