Bidding Process

The process of tendering involved some kind of complicated procedures unlike with E-Procurement Software. Before any tendering process can be done, a professional team must be ready with all the tendering documents to check and approve it. The source of funding must also be available and the project financing should be put in place. The government projects are usually made open tenders in order to ensure that the procurement and works to be done in a fair manner without prejudice. With the involvement of information and communication technology the tendering process has been much simplified.

The 5 main steps in the e-tendering process include:

1. The Tender Process is Determined:
How to register for e tendering? The organization which requires the tender will determine the type of tender that will be used, and what will be involved in the process
• Expressions of Interest (EOI)- used to shortlist potential suppliers before seeking detailed offers.
• Request for information (RFI) – used in the planning stage to help in defining the project however not used to select suppliers.
• Request for proposal (RFP)-used where the project requirements have been defined, but an innovative and flexible solution is required.
• Request for Quotation(RFQ)-invites businesses to provide a quote for the provision of specific good or services
• Request for tender-an invitation to tender by public advertisement open to all suppliers.

2. Request for Tender is Prepared:
The tender request includes what is required, the requirements of the contract and how you should respond. These are an invitation to the suppliers to provide a competitive offer to win a contract for the supply of their products or services. Elements for tender request include:

• Description of the good and services to be procured.
• Conditions of Tender.
• Evaluation Process.
• Submission content and format.
• Process rules and information.
• Conditions of Contract.

3. Tenders are invited:

The tenders are invited as a part of the online tender submission procedure depending on the value, complexity and business category. Your ability to identify opportunities in the competitive tender market Is a crucial part of achieving success. Tender advisory services and online information systems are a great place to begin your research.

4. Evaluation and Selection:
Each tender will be checked for compliance and then evaluated across the criteria specified in the tender documentation. The tender, which offers the best value for money, will win the business.
If any tender does not meet this initial check they will be excluded.
Hence, it is important to ensure that you adhere to requirements and meet all criteria in order to increase the chances of winning the tender.

5. Contracts Established and Managed:
Generally, a formal agreement will be required between the successful tender and the relevant agency. Once you are notified of the success of your tender and have awarded the contract, it is important to meet all requirements and manage the contract effectively.
It is important to maintain ongoing and open communication with the contracting organization so that you can build a strong and sustainable relationship.

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