- Industry Textiles
Rajasthan Construction of cable trench,levelling and dressing, fencing wall, grading and gravelling and water harvesting work at 132 kv gss hadan
Estimated Cost :12200000 INR
29 Aug 2022
Chhattisgarh Installation of 1000mm belt conveyor along -5rise in proposed depillaring panel -5rise(lhcm panel) in seam a at kurja ug mine of hasdeo area.
Estimated Cost :2508611 INR
17 Aug 2022
Maharashtra Loading, unloading, transportation and installation of 2 no of 90kw, 1000 mm belt conveyor complete with electricals (one at 65lw/bd-hd in w8 section and another at 14l/bd of bagdona seam) at tawa mine pathakhera area wcl
Estimated Cost :498456 INR
17 Aug 2022
Andhra Pradesh Supply and installation of antiskid mat for modu sagar bhushan.
19 Aug 2022
India Supply of adhesive transparent tape 2 inch,adhesive transparen,adhesive brown tape 2 inch,adhesive colour tyape 1 inch,pencil hb,sharpner,drawing sheet,adhesive 200gm,drawing roll,slide pen v7,bond paper a4,black ink,glue stick,multi color paper,eraser,pencil cell aaa , aa,stapler pin,binding sheet,
16 Aug 2022
Andhra Pradesh Replacement of iron cots, mattresses and other furniture in ngrh 1,2,3,4 and srivarikuteeram at tirumala (part-a)
Estimated Cost :1287552 INR
24 Aug 2022
Rajasthan Supply Of Zebra Blinds Blackout Khaki Curtain & Zebra Blinds Blackout Brown Curtain .#* Goods .#* Clothing Items.
Estimated Cost :190000 INR
16 Aug 2022
Kerala Supply Of Drape Incise Anti Microbial 10cmx20cm, Quantity 3000.
25 Aug 2022
Rajasthan Providing Of Tent/ Kanat Material And Vehicle On Hire Basis. #hindi
25 Aug 2022
Gujarat Proposed Interior Furnishing Works Of Branch.
Estimated Cost :1164000 INR
22 Aug 2022