- Industry Paper & Packaging
Jammu & Kashmir Repair to door, window,wall panelling, false ceiling , glass panes, cgi sheet, wooden floring, tiling, plastering and miscellaneous work and repair/maint to lt panel bord , feeder pillar box, junction box and connected work services at karu zon
Estimated Cost :4900000 INR
20 Aug 2022
Uttar Pradesh Paper-based printing services - printing with material; book/booklet; offset
Qty : -

19 Aug 2022
India Supply of adhesive transparent tape 2 inch,adhesive transparen,adhesive brown tape 2 inch,adhesive colour tyape 1 inch,pencil hb,sharpner,drawing sheet,adhesive 200gm,drawing roll,slide pen v7,bond paper a4,black ink,glue stick,multi color paper,eraser,pencil cell aaa , aa,stapler pin,binding sheet,
16 Aug 2022
Gujarat Supply of red tape , yellow tape , blue tape , green tape , tranpent tape , penblue , pen red , pen black , reynold blue , reynold red , fevi stick , gum bottle , sktetch pen , tag nylon , steel scale , stamp pad , ink pad , brown paper , paper clip , bind clip25mm , b clip 35mm boq title sty acg
16 Aug 2022
Jammu & Kashmir Supply of diaries-printed-plain- register--is 1848 (q4) , sticky notepad (q3) , binder clips (q3) , coloured cover paper as per is 6956 (q4)
Qty : 315

16 Aug 2022
Haryana Repair to rcc chajja, aluminium fittings, wall tiles, plastering, flooring, joinery, pathway and repair to swts at af stn gurgaon under ge p af gurgaon
Estimated Cost :4800000
24 Aug 2022
Odisha Procurement of ecg paper for cardiovit at-2.
20 Aug 2022
Delhi Repair and replacement of bnr nature works (i.e flooring, tiling, plumbing etc), repair to security walls, gate, fencing, drain, path and other miscellaneous works in sag, desidoc, dgre, issa etc under ge i rnd delhi
27 Aug 2022
Punjab Purchase Of Waste Paper (white Cutting, Old Records,cutting Of Old Books/wrappers, Sweep, Mixed Etc), Used Aluminimum Plates.
22 Aug 2022
Telangana Supply Of Pepnews And Samachar.
17 Aug 2022