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Tenders From :: Madhya Pradesh
Sector Name :: Industry - Plastic & Rubber

About Madhya Pradesh and Industry - Plastic & Rubber:
      Madhya Pradesh Economy is based on agriculture, forest products, industries, miner resources, and cottage industry sectors. There are many flourishing textile mills in the state and artificial silk manufacturing plants located at Ujjain, Nagda, Indore and Gwalior. Public sector industries including the Bhilai Steel plant, the Heavy Electrical and the Bailadilla are the major achievements. There are industries such as dyeing, calico printing and bleaching. Madhya Pradesh Tenders, Tender Notification, Government tender notices, Procurement Notices, Public Tender Notices, Bids, Online Tenders and contracts are afloat in huge numbers. The plastic industry of India has a big market potentiality and is gradually prospering. The potentiality of plastic industry India propels other associated industries to grow side by side. One of such growing industry is petrochemical industry. Rubber industry is an important resource based industry sector in the world. It has witnessed a steady and strong growth over the years. As plastic and rubber industry is flourishing, there is huge demand for plastic tenders, rubber industry tenders, government tenders, bid invitation, public procurement notices, public tender notices, ICBs, tender notification, tender and contracts are in great demand.

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