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Tenders From :: Kerala
Sector Name :: Transportation - Railways

About Kerala and Transportation - Railways:
      Service industry dominates the Kerala economy. Kerala leads many other Indian states and territories in terms of per capita GDP and economic productivity and Kerala's Human Development Index is the best in India. Another major sector contributing to the economy of Kerala is animal husbandry. Economy of Kerala is also supported by the traditional industries. Kerala is the gold mine of untapped business opportunity as plenty of Kerala Tenders, Government tender notices, Procurement Notices, Public Tender Notices, Bids, Online Tenders and contracts afloat all over India. The growth of Indian Railways in the 150 years of its existence is thus phenomenal. It has played a vital role in the economic, industrial and social development of the country. Freight and passenger traffic carried by Indian Railway has recorded an impressive growth. Due to Railway transportation improvement policy a huge number of opportunities has been lined up. There are several railway tender, tender notices, rail procurement notices, bid invitation, tender notification, Online tender and railway development contracts available through out the year.

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