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Tenders From :: Kerala
Sector Name :: Industry - Minerals and Metals

About Kerala and Industry - Minerals and Metals:
      Service industry dominates the Kerala economy. Kerala leads many other Indian states and territories in terms of per capita GDP and economic productivity and Kerala's Human Development Index is the best in India. Another major sector contributing to the economy of Kerala is animal husbandry. Economy of Kerala is also supported by the traditional industries. Kerala is the gold mine of untapped business opportunity as plenty of Kerala Tenders, Government tender notices, Procurement Notices, Public Tender Notices, Bids, Online Tenders and contracts afloat all over India. The largest segment of the global metals market is iron and steel followed by aluminum. Asia-Pacific is the largest market for metals and mining, followed by Europe. There is higher consumption of metals in the Asia-Pacific region, especially China and India. Through out the year a large number of tenders afloat for metals and mining tender, tender from metals and mining industry, tender notices, government tenders, bid invitation, public procurement notices, public tender notices, ICBs, online tenders and metals and mining tender notification.

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