Poland Provision Of Services In The Field Of Collection And Management Of Hazardous Waste And Other Than Hazardous From Mpk Sa Facilities In Krakow And Substitution Of Containers For The Waste In Question "
03 Oct 2018
Poland Updating Of Project Documentation And Commitment To Supervising The Task Entitled: Expansion Of National Road No. 62 On The Section Strzelno-kobylniki From Km 0 + 000 To Km 11 + 500.
28 Sep 2018
Poland Restoration Of Architectural And Functional Assets Of A Degraded Area In The Center Of The Village And Building No. 457 In Lubcza, Ryglice Commune - Stage I - Demolition Works
08 Oct 2018
Poland Preparation Of Project And Cost Documentation Along With Authors Supervision For The Needs Of Thermal Modernization Of Public Buildings In The Commune Wieliszew - As Part Of The Project Entitled Thermo-modernization Of Public Buildings In The Wieliszew Co
01 Oct 2018
Poland Assembly Works Of The Stands In Connection With The Organization Of Events At Tauron Arena Kraków
05 Oct 2018
Poland Service Of Making Statues Of Soldiers
05 Oct 2018
Poland Keeping The Park Greenery Ursynów District
05 Oct 2018
Poland Determination Of The Size Or Scope Of The Contract: The Contract Is The Ability To Use The Image Of Agnieszka Gortel-maciuk During The Promotional Activities Of The City.
05 Oct 2018
Poland Installation Of Security Systems And Infrastructure And Construction Works In The Building
05 Oct 2018
Poland Performance Testing Of Specific Medical Devices
05 Oct 2018